Extremely Rare Miller Hobnail Peach-blow Hanging Lamp

Edward Miller Lamp Co.

Meriden, Connecticut


Extremely Rare

Excellent - Mint Original Condition

Original Style Centre Draft Burner and Lift Out Font

Meriden, Connecticut

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*(Rarity Scale: “Scarce” – “Rare” – “Very Rare” – “Extremely Rare”)

Extremely Rare Edward Miller Matching Hobnail Peach-blow Shade and Font Hanging Lamp with Spear Point Prisms. Accented with oversized twistys, cast brass shade ring attachment faces and Egyptian Pharaoh spreaders.

Peach-blow is an exceptionally rare cased pink opalescent satin or glossy glass.

Our hanging lamps are typically photographed without any prisms, as to not obscure any parts of the lamp being shown. All hanging lamps include a full set of old standard prisms & chimney, otherwise they include the prisms shown. Upgraded prisms may be requested upon availability. The shades shown on the lamp is our best determination for the aesthetic appeal of the lamp, we have inventory on many different shades.

A note about hanging lamps; due to the large amounts of pieces comprising a hanging lamps most lamps didn't come in a "standard" version or with a particular shade, except in the case of matching shade and font glass. All our hanging lamps come with matching components, that is all components were made by the same company and generally match in pattern. There are upgraded components that can be added or changed out on our lamps, i.e. twistys instead of chains. Please contact us for more info about upgrading components.

We strive to do our best at attributing the correct manufacturer with each hanging lamp but that is not always the case with some of the rarer lamps and more obscure companies that produced some of these lamps. Most hanging lamps are attributed to a manufacturer due to a component being identified as produced by a particular manufacturer. Very rarely do any of the original trade catalogs surface to unequivocally tie a lamp to a particular company.

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