The Pittsburgh Lamp, Brass & Glass Co.

Pittsburgh, Swissvale & Jeannette, Pennsylvania


Very Rare

Excellent – Mint

Original “Success” Centre Draft Burner and Lift Out Font

Factory #2 Swissvale, Pennsylvania

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*(Rarity Scale: “Scarce” – “Rare” – “Very Rare” – “Extremely Rare”)

This "SHEIKS & CAMEL" Decorated Opal Art-Glass Parlor Vase Lamp with the Original Pittsburgh High Grade Trim Set stands 24 inches tall to the top of its gorgeous hand stenciled and painted 10-inch ball shade. This lamp is a real aesthetic type of lamp – definitely the highest grade Gone-With-The-Wind style lamp you will ever find. More than likely produced during our turn of the century fascination with the new Moorish Influence flooding America and the revival of the book “Arabian Nights”

This lamp was originally produced in only this Decorated Opal Art-Glass Color-Way. It is extremely rare & one of the most beautiful lamps I have ever had the pleasure of owning – certainly a man’s type of lamp. Chimney is a modern replica-replacement. Original Opal Art-Glass is in pristine condition and has been chemically cleaned and re-etched to return it to its original finish and luster.