Miniature Beaded Drape

The Pittsburgh Lamp, Brass & Glass Co.

Pittsburgh, Swissvale & Jeannette, Pennsylvania


Very Rare

Excellent – Mint

3-piece “Nutmeg” brand, brass burner

Factory #2 Swissvale, Pennsylvania

Call for Price & Availability

*(Rarity Scale: “Scarce” – “Rare” – “Very Rare” – “Extremely Rare”)

This rare “BEADED DRAPE" Red Satin Patterned Art-Glass Night  Lamp with the Original Pittsburgh Collar & Nutmeg Burner Set stands 8-inches tall to the top of its 3 1/2-inch ball shade. Although this lamp is rare to find in complete & in excellent condition, it is one of the basic lamps that is the foundation of every night lamp collection.
(Smith I – Fig. 400)

This lamp was originally produced in Red Satin Patterned Art-Glass, Green (Celery Green) Patterned Art-Glass, Blue (Ice Blue) Patterned Art-Glass, Pink Satin Art-Glass & at least three different Decorated Opal Art-Glass Color-Ways including pink, a purplish color & blue. Chimney is a modern replica-replacement.  Original Patterned Satin Art-Glass is in pristine condition and has been chemically cleaned and re-etched to return it to its original finish and luster.

shade_photo base_photo