The Fostoria Glass Co.
Moundsville, West Virginia

       Overview: This "LADY & THE SWANS" Decorated Opal Art-Glass Parlor Vase Lamp with the Original Fostoria High Grade Trim Set stands 26 inches tall to the top of its gorgeous hand stenciled and painted 11-inch ball shade.  This lamp is a real aesthetic type of lamp – definitely the highest grade Gone-With-The-Wind style lamp you will ever find.   Like all of the rare & exotic parlor vase lamps in my inventory, you will absolutely be thrilled with this lamp.  More than likely produced during our turn of the century fascination with the new French Art Movement called the Art Nouveau movement.

Lamp has been completely restored by
The 19th Century Lighting Co.

Manufactured By: The Fostoria Glass Company of Moundsville, West Virginia (Circa 1902-1922)   This beautiful & rare lamp has been restored to its pristine, original flawless condition, a real show piece for the more advanced collector.

Metalwork:   Lamp retains it's original 3-piece brass-Font, Burner & Chimney Holder, which has been completely restored to its original finish & luster. (Please note that we do not guarantee that this font, or any other font that we sell, will either hold oil/kerosene or that they will safely support combustion - the font is meant to be used for lamp for globe support & lamp component completeness only)  All brass work has been restored to original finish & luster and the cast iron lamp-foot has been re-brassed to its original finish & luster also.  Lamp retains all of its original & authentic metal components right down to the original connecting bolt.  Still in oil, never electrified.

Original Colorways: This lamp was originally produced in only this Decorated Opal Art-Glass Color-Way.  It is extremely rare & one of the most beautiful lamps I have ever had the pleasure of owning – certainly everyone’s type of lamp.   - Chimney is a modern replica-replacement.  Original Decorated Opal Art-Glass is in pristine condition and has been chemically cleaned and polished to its original finish and luster.

Electification: Lamp has never been electrified and it is still in oil – however, for modern use, we can passively electrify this lamp, using the 19th Century Lighting’s Electrical Lamp Wiring Harness, without any harm what-so-ever to existing old & original equipment so that it can be enjoyed in today’s home settings

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