Banquet Lamp Overview:  This Extremely Rare
“KING HERON" Extra-High Grade Parlor Banquet
Lamp with its original open bronze lace Slag Art-Glass Shade.
Cast in several pieces and then assembled by artisans into masterpiece of art, Truly a Lamp Collector's Dream!!! 

Lamp has been completely restored by
The 19th Century Lighting Co.

       Manufactured By: The Craighead & Kintz Lamp Co.
Circa 1883-1890 in Ballardvale, Massachusetts
This beautiful & rare lamp has been restored to its pristine, original flawless condition. A Real Show-Piece

       Metalwork:   Lamp retains its original 3-piece brass, Font, Burner & Chimney Holder, (made by The Plume & Atwood Co.) which has been completely restored to its original finish.

       All lamp brass & metalwork has been restored to its original finish & patina.  Lamp retains all of its original & authentic metal components right down to the original assembly bolt.
  Still in oil, never electrified

       Kerosene Font Disclaimer:    Please note that we do not guarantee that this font, or any other font that we sell, will either hold oil/kerosene or that they will safely support combustion - the font is meant to be used for lamp globe support & lamp component completeness only

       Electrification: Lamp has never been electrified and it is still in oil – however, for modern use, we can passively electrify this lamp, using the 19th Century Lighting’s Electrical Lamp Wiring Harness, without any harm what-so-ever to existing old & original equipment so that it can be enjoyed in today’s home settings.

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