Magnificent Figural Banquet Lamp in a Very Rare Figural Presentation. Figure is of a seated Woman with a small harp in her uplifted hand - the first and only of this type of Banquet Lamp that The Lampman has ever seen. These Figural Lamps were popular as both Kerosene & Gas Banquet Lamps. This one is still fitted with its original-style kerosene central draft font & burner nestled inside of a gorgeous cast font case embellished with floral decor all the way around its perimeter. Absolutely a rare & stunning Victorian lamp. (Chimney is a modern replica-replacement) Please Note: Blue Cased & Etched Art-Glass Globe (which is available for separate purchase) is a modern replacement-type globe. Banquet Lamp Base has been completely restored & preserved to its original pristine finish & appearance. Font is original, correct, and has been burnished, buffed and sealed to its original high luster finish. (Please note that we do not guarantee that this font, or any other font that we sell, will either hold oil/kerosene or that they will safely support combustion - they are meant to be used decoratively only) This lamp is original and correct in every way (except for new globe) Entire metal lamp base has been completely restored to its original finish and presentation. Lamp has also been fitted with our own wiring harness which allows for the gentle electrification of the upper globe without causing harm to any of the original lamp components. This Banquet Lamp Base is totally original and correct in every way; it is truly a showpiece of quality and beauty. (98/100 points)

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