"Osage" Pattern

When Nicholas Kopp Jr., and The Consolidated Lamp and Glass Company started making solid color glass lamps in the 1890's these were the first ones that were made. Not totally happy with these lamps,...future ruby glass lamp parts were satinized with either an acid wash or exposure to camphor gas. Very, very few of these solid color ruby glass lamps were made; they are very rare indeed. This lamp has been completely restored to its original beauty and lustre. Standing 24 inches tall, the top shade is just a fraction over 9 inches in diameter. All brass work has been completely burnished, polished, and sealed to protect it's luster and sheen for many years. The cast metal has been replated as it was originally with brass plating,...originally called "gilt" or "gilt wash". The "Clematis Swirl" pattern in one of the rarer and more difficult patterns to find. Originally these were manufactured in Ruby Glass, Red Satin Glass, Clear Satin Glass (originally called Crystal Etched) and in Green Satin Glass. I have never seen an example of this lamp in Blue Satin Glass, but I would not rule out the possibility as Consolidated Lamp and Glass Company did make their "Cherub Face" lamps in Blue Satin Glass as well as a few others. Additionally, occationally these lamps sported enameled clematis flowers in the blank glass panals that appear on two sides of the base and two sides of the globe shade.

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